As expert in video production, Ralph Madison is one of the most sought-after independent producers. He always provides the most invaluable insight into equipment and technical processes. With 20 years of industry experience, Madison has worked in just about every aspect of commercial and broadcast production. In addition to camera operation, he has filled the roles of director, producer, and editor. His projects have been aired on networks like CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, BET and AP-TV and for specific programs such as “Entertainment Tonight,” “The Ellen Show,” and “Inside Edition,” to name a few.

Madison is active in the New Orleans community and does frequent pro bono work for community groups and non profits.

Director of Photography/Camera Operator

  • Ongoing freelance work:  Associated Press, BBC, ESPN, CNN, ABC, NBC, and CBS.
  • DP/Camera op, “Chopped” Bio Packs for Food Network, Producer Charisa Melnik.
  • Camera op, “Big Easy Brides” WE TV, Tim Harland DP.
  • Steadicam/Camera op ”Treme” , HBO TV show, Ivan Strasburg , DP.
  • DP/ Camera op for WDSU “Saints on 6” Promo Campaign which won a Suncoast EMMY 2011.
  • DP/ Camera op for WDSU “Promise” Promo Campaign which won a Suncoast EMMY 2011.
  • DP/ Camera op, “Second Line” Short Film, Nabila Lester Director/Producer.
  • Camera op, 3D feature “The Mortician” Mike McDonough,
  • DP.Steadicam/Camera op, “Vampire Documentary” BBC Ricardo Sanchez, DP.
  • Steadicam, Imagination Movers, Disney TV show, Barry Norwood, DP.
  • DP, Steadicam, Irvin Mayfield jazz playhouse :60 spot, Stephen Burke, Director.
  • DP, Steadicam, Preservation Hall music videos, “I Can’t Give You Anything But Love”,
  • “Complicated Life”, Ben Jaffe, producer.
  • DP/ Camera op, “I Heard the Mermaids Singing”, short film, Victoria Chartres, producer/ director.
  • DP, Steadicam, Galactic  music video, “Got what you need”, Henry Griffin, director.
  • DP, Steadicam, East Jefferson General Hospital  “Art of Care” image spot, Glade Bilby, director.
  • DP/ Camera op, “Angels Die Slowly,” feature film, Charlie Brown, director.
  • DP/ Camera op, WDSU Promotions spots, Bill Pilgrim, Director of Promotions. On going
  • Camera op, “Running for Time”, feature film, William Wages, DP.
  • Steadicam/Camera op, “Deja Vu”, feature film, Tony Scott, director.
  • Camera op, “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition”, Brady Connell, producer.
  • Camera op, “Saving Jazz”, Ginny Williams, producer, BBC.
  • Camera op, “Katrina Special”, Sarah Huisenga, producer, National Geographic Channel.
  • Camera op, “The Daily Show”, Cathy Egan, producer, Comedy Central.
  • Steadicam/Camera op “The Greatest Ever”, Simon Howley, producer, Cineflix Productions.
  • Camera op, “Brad Paisley’s Muddi Gras”, Linda Gierahn, line producer, Eye Line Ent., CMT.
  • DP/ Camera op, GRB Entertainment, “Second Chance”, Jaclyn Lenz, director, TLC.
  • Camera op, Rocket Science Labs, “Trading Spouses II”,  Rick Walls, director   .
  • “Big Fat Boss”, Joel Rodgers, supervising producer.
  • “Trading Spouses”, Dixon Troyer, coordinating producer.“My Big, Fat, Obnoxious Fiancé”, Justin Dudek, production manager.
  • Camera op,  “Extreme Makeover” , Amy McCampbell, producer, New Screen Concepts.
  • Camera op, Missy Elliot project, Philip Wallnutt, line producer, Nate and Lil Productions.
  • Camera op, “Up All Night”, Morgan Hertzan, producer, MTV.Camera op,
  • National Geographic Channel, several  packages on New Orleans and Mardi  Gras for Mardi Gras Special, Susan Roesgen, reporter.
  • DP/Camera op, “Cease Fire”, Paula Pendarviss, producer, WGNO-TV.  COPS style reality show (3 ½ year run).
  • DP/ Camera op for WDSU “Saints on 6” Promo Campaign-won a Suncoast regional EMMY, 2011.
  • DP/ Camera op for WDSU “Promise” Promo Campaign-won a Suncoast regional EMMY 2011.
  • Suncoast regional EMMY award for “A Grave Injustice”.  2000.  Credits include director, producer,shooting, editing.
  • Press Club of New Orleans 1stplace documentary award for  “A Grave Injustice”.  2000.Press Club of New Orleans 1st place documentary award for “50 Golden Years”, WDSU 50th anniversary special. 1999. Credits include shooting and editing.


  • WDSU TV 6, 846 Howard Ave., New Orleans, Louisiana 70113.

VIDEOGRAPHER/EDITOR. Responsible  for lighting, shooting and editing  station promo spots, special projects, and commercials for clients. Other responsibilities included writing/producing documentaries, special station programs. Additional duties included hand held camerawork for all live station productions, including but not limited to major events such as Mardi Gras, Jazzfest, elections and general news.

  • WBRZ TV 2, PO Box 2906 Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70821.

PRODUCER/DIRECTOR/EDITOR. Responsible for directing, editing, EFP and writing for special projects, including station promotions, public service announcements and community service projects. Editing of news and program opens and production of commercials for clients.  Additional duties included general news.

  • WCIX TV 6 (CBS, Inc.), 8900 NW Terrace, Miami, Florida 33172.

Shot and edited video for News